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Image of Overture -- Guilherme da Silva

Overture -- Guilherme da Silva

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Guilherme da Silva's Overture
44 pgs, 15 x 21 cm, saddle-stitch in pink tissue paper sleeve

"It’s his community that he turns the spotlight on in his zine, Overture, a celebration of queer Brazillian youth living in an oppressive political climate. In da Silva’s constructed world though, they are free to be who they want. Inspired by the idea of Arcadia, as painted by Thomas Eakins, da Silva photographs bodies at leisure, in pleasure, with lush, green grass.

With plans to leave his homeland behind in search of spaces that are more accepting of him and his vision, Overture feels like a parting gift, with illustrations from da Silva’s boyfriend, Lucas Bassetto. Below, da Silva debuts the zine and speaks about the art and poetry that inspired it, the reality of life as a queer person in Brazil, and his hopes for the future." -- Dazed, 2022

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