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Image of Buddha was Born Here

Buddha was Born Here


80 pages, self published
ISBN 978-1-80068-931-2.
Edition of 500.
Printed by MAS Matbaa, Istanbul,
June 2022.
pages24 x 33.5 cm, unbound and in cardstock sleeve with unique Nepal stamp

About: BUDDHA WAS BORN HERE is a collection of abstract and documentary photographs from Olgaç Bozalp’s travels
throughout the villages, towns and Himalayas of Nepal.
This travel diary is an amalgam of Bozalp’s exploration of self through color, composition and space; distinct from
his signature body of work of his meticulously staged settings. This is Bozalp’s debut self-published journal. This
visit marks Olgaç’s first international trip outside of assigned work in recent years. With no real initial intention of
photographing the country, Bozalp was precipitously captivated by its people, their spirituality and relationship
with nature, compelling him to immerse himself in the experience through his camera lens. Bozalp was profoundly
influenced by the abstract of the everyday, such as a man camouflaged in a large display made of foliage as he
transports them by back; rather than the intervention of human manipulation; or staging, commonly found in his
body of work.
This publication reflects his experience of searching for a higher meaning in the present, our place in the world, and
his pursuit in understanding a culture whose people seek truth by looking inward to reflect their happiness.

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